Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Events: Light Up Our Alley Festival & The Really Really Free Market

...Talk about recycling goods and resources, building a community vibe and spreading love... There was all that and more at the festivities on Saturday, June 27th, at the corner of Dupont and Spadina in Toronto. The 'Dupont and Spadina Corner Collective' did an awesome job putting together this fun event, that also included an incredibly diverse and talented group of musicians and bands. Check out the clip below for a bit of the vibe I experienced. Enjoy :)

... and some photos:

Monday, June 29, 2009

Green Living: Mineralization & Wild Edibles

Mother nature tends to provide us, the human animals, with a plethora of foods that grow around us naturally. Without complicating the preparation of these foods too much, I can say that I best enjoy eating them as they are. Of course, we now call those foods "Wild Edibles", because we've grown so accustomed to eating a diet consisting of domesticated plants.

All the domesticated plats we eat today were once wild plants. Through selective growing, we've now turned prickly and bitter lettuce into a water-rich, crunchy tender green. This process of selective planting of the seeds of only the best tasting (but not always the most nutritionally dense) foods, has been going on for thousands of years and has brought us to where're at now. Fortunately those "original" wild plants still exist and should be a part of our daily food intake. They strengthen the immune system and provide us with a wide variety of medicinal and tonic benefits, ranging from plant to plant.

By avoiding any lawn care products, you can welcome a huge amount of plants and herbs native to your area, in your own front/back yard. At the moment, my yard is full of dandelions, wood sorrel, nettles, thistle, wild mint, dill, wild lettuce, rosemary and many many more varieties that I never planted, yet benefit from, every single day.

If there isn't much wild plants around you because you live in the city or in an apartment building, you could always walk to the nearest forest and see what you could forage. We're blessed enough to have this thing called the internet, that has these other things called wikipedia, google images and youtube, where we could get references at any time, just to make sure we're staying away from those poisonous plants that might not be too good for us.

Considering our culture has grown to massively consume animal products, and highly processed foods, our best bet when turning to those domesticated foods I mentioned earlier, is to go along with mother nature and consume that sun energy from the closest source possible, cruelty free. Plant based diet is where it's at... especially raw and living... especially grown organically by yourself or a local organic farmer.

So, now that you've decided to do a bit of gardening, even if it's just in your kitchen, I can give you a little tip on how to get maximum mineralization in the plants that you're trying to grow!!! It's not enough that you have awesome soil, a good spot in the sun and water regularly. Of course, you'll want your plants to soak up as many minerals from that soil as are available.

I have a way that can load up your soil with so many minerals, your plants won't know what to do with them... so you'll jut have to eat them!

If you don't have a rain barrel, GET ONE! They're cheap, they help preserve water when watering your plants and give your greens exactly what they need (plants prefer rain). Ok, now that you have a rain barrel, get yourself some sea veggies. Kelp is what I usually use. Follow these steps, and you'll be set:

1. Take a leaf of sea kelp and soak it in some pure water for a few hours
2. Blend the soaking water and the kelp leaf in a blender
3. Pour the mixture into your rain barrel (that quantity is usually good for 1/2 barrel or a bit more)
4. Water your plants regularly
5. Wait for them to grow
6. Harvest
7. Enjoy mad tasty nutrition to the max

Of course, if you have money, you could always purchase a more expensive variation of what I do. It's a concentrated ocean water solution called "Ocean Grown". It's up to you!

Keep up the conscious thinking and liberate yourself by always asking questions!

Happy Gardening!