Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sunfood Not Raw?

This may be old news to some, but I came across this piece of information today and felt the need to share it. Straight from David Wolfe's Facebook page:

"Many of you may be aware that has been using my name and likeness on labels, online ads, on packages, videos, and articles WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. I have officially and repeatedly equested (since March 8, 2010) that they remove any reference to me or my work in all formats from 
their products, website, and YouTube site. They have refused. What do you think I should do???"

The following is taken straight from Quintessence's Raw Chef Dan's Blog.

"Do you Buy From Better think twice!
I have been meaning to post this for a month now and finally have found a moment to do so. 
As some of you know I have been investigating the raw cacao industry and raw powder and butter in particular. You heard it here first that basically every cacao product on the market today is actually cooked, and as of right now Essential Living Foods, Big Tree Organics and the paste from Ultimate Superfoods (not the powder) is actually a raw product.

Well, I have a grand finale to this story. After many conversations and emails I have discovered some important info about Sunfood, David Wolfes company.

First of all, it is not David Wolfes company.

As of at least 12 months ago, it has been owned by Doug Harbison, a non raw foodist non superhero cooked wonder bread old school business executive. David Wolfe makes no money off of Sunfood and owns no stock in Sunfood. He tried to get Sunfood off of cooked chocolate products and the owners would not listen to him. In fact, they have over 8 lawsuits against David Wolfe. 
I spoke to the current owner of Sunfood...

I spoke to the current owner of Sunfood multiple times and here is what he told me:
He does not care if the cacao powder and butter are agave and yacon are cooked products. He said that I am the only person who has called to complain so he thinks that people are still satisfied with these products. Hmmm...
He also told me that he believes that Essential living Foods is lying about their products being cooked. I asked him why a company would self destruct like this and he said he didnt know but he thought they were lying. I asked him why they would lose so many accounts and jeopardize their own investment and he said he didn't know but he really thought that their product was raw and they were making up a story about it being cooked.


He finally said that he was sending his buddy Brian from Sunfood down to investigate himself. I asked him why he thought that they would be let in to the manufacturing facility without being a customer, when Essential Living Foods who is actually a customer was not allowed to step foot into the facility. He could not answer me.
He promised to get back to me over month ago with a resolution for one customer, myself, who has spent a fortune on what I was told and promised was the best of the best and come to find out it was cooked and fraudulently sold to me. I havent had any reply.

They knew it was cooked. They still know it is cooked. He doesn't care!

So, I have Doug Harbisons private email and cell phone number. I would like all 286 members on this site to personally call this inflated buffoon and let hm know that you do in fact care that his products are being sold fraudulently, that his raw chocolate is not raw, and that you will no longer support Sunfood nor will you purchase their products anymore. Let him know that what could be the impetus for the tipping point on this planet is being turned into a farce by a few corrupt and greedy individuals such as himself, and that many curious and in need people are being turned off of the raw food movement as a tool for health and consciousness because they dont feel that it is trust worthy and anything other than a hoax. Say whatever you want actually but let this man know that you are not sheeple and will demand truth, integrity, and quality ad will vote with your dollars. Lets not let one bad apple spoil the beauty and truth of this lifestyle choice.

Fill up and flood this mans email and voicemail with your voices!!!!

In my opinion, Sunfood has lost the plot, and is completely out of integrity and should not be supported in any manner and the word should be spread like wild fire through the Superhero network.
I happily provide you now with his private contact information.


Repost this on as many forums as you can folks. Ready-Set-GO!!!"