Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Iron & Omega 3 Myths

Most people are convinced that consuming fish is essential for healthy Omega 3 levels. WRONG! The gist of it is that our bodies have the ability to convert alpha linolenic Omega 3 fatty acid found in plants (especially green leafy veggies), into the longer chain EPA and DHA fatty acids, based on our needs. Watch the video below and you'll find out more about that, as well as my take on heme and non heme iron. Enjoy!

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Logic Of Raw Foods

Ever since I got into veganism and raw foods, I've been thinking more logically and asking myself basic and rudimentary questions about our habits as domesticated animals. Some of the answers I came across just made too much sense! I simply found myself relating more and more to natural law and ways of being attuned with this planet we all love.

I was recently a guest speaker in the Food and Nutrition class at Thornhill Secondary School, where I covered an array of interesting points relating to healthy living and thriving in this life. We all need to shoot much higher than just surviving in order to reach our full potential as individuals and fulfill our unique missions while we're still here. Enjoy this quick snippet from my talk!